Data Resources

The data resource table contains a list of geospatial layers currently displayed in our Interactive Carbon Atlas. Many of the GIS layers were created by the BSCSP, however there are numerous excellent information sources online. We include links on this page to some of our sources where you can download the data directly or learn more about regional GIS resources. The sortable table below includes links to metadata and methodology.

For access to public datasets, please visit some of our favorite GIS data portals...

Carbon Atlas Geospatial Data

Data Layer Description Data Source Data Theme
Big Sky Project Locations Geographic locations of Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership Projects, all project phases. BSCSP Metadata BSCSP Data and Regional Infrastructure
Emission Sources Stationary Carbon Dioxide Sources - million metric tons per year; proportional symbol shown relative to emission rate BSCSP Metadata BSCSP Data and Regional Infrastructure
Geologic Sink - Saline Formations Estimated CO2 storage capacity in saline formations at the province level in million metric tons BSCSP, methods described in the 2010 National Carbon Atlas Metadata Carbon Sequestration Capacity
Geologic Sink - Coal Seams Estimated storage volume in unmineable coal seams, metric tons CO2 BSCSP Metadata Carbon Sequestration Capacity
Energy Use by Type Charts showing energy use types by state including coal, natural gas, petroleum, wind, wood products, and hydroelectric. BSCSP BSCSP Data and Regional Infrastructure
Total Energy Consumption Annual energy use by state in megawatt hours BSCSP BSCSP Data and Regional Infrastructure
Wyoming and Montana Oil and Gas Fields Oil and Gas fields are areas with abundant oil and gas wells located over a large oil and/or gas reservoir. Capacity estimates are per field in metric tons. BSCSP; based on cumulative oil production Metadata Carbon Sequestration Capacity
Earthquake Locations GeoRSS feed of real-time, worldwide earthquakes USGS Earthquakes Hazards Program Geology
Regional Faults Major geologic fault zones including the eastern limit of the fold-and-thrust belt BSCSP Geology
Structural Arches Major Structural Arches or anticlinal folds; map symbol shows the fold axis BSCSP Geology