Public Outreach

The Partnership’s outreach team works to foster engagement and two-way communication with project stakeholders in order to share information and build relationships with the local communities near BSCSP projects. The outreach team is involved in the following activities:

  • Community Meetings, Educational Opportunities, and Public Forums - BSCSP regularly hosts public events in Toole County near Kevin Dome. These meetings provide an opportunity for local residents, decision-makers and other community members to meet with BSCSP management and ask questions about CCS approaches and project development details.
  • Development of Educational Outreach Materials - A variety of outreach documents and educational materials have been generated to expand public knowledge on BSCSP research projects and CCS technologies. Brochures, newsletters, videos, and other educational products have been developed and are available on the BSCSP website.
  • Multimedia Products - BSCSP also produces informational videos and interactive online platforms. In 2013, an outreach video describing the Phase II Basalt study was produced. Currently, a film explaining the seismic survey of the Kevin Dome research site is under development. In addition, BSCSP implemented a web-based mapping application known as the Interactive Carbon Atlas on their website. The Interactive Carbon Atlas allows users to display a variety of maps and data layers in order to create, manipulate, and project information related to CCS activities within the Big Sky region. To view the Interactive Carbon Atlas, click here.

Shelby, MT Middle School Students on Field Trip to Kevin Dome Carbon Storage Project Site, March 2014