Public Outreach

The Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership’s outreach efforts are designed to 1) provide information on carbon sequestration; 2) inform the general public and relevant stakeholders on BSCSP pilot projects and other activities; 3) facilitate communication and collaboration and 4) provide educational workshops and training. The website, program brochures and project and factsheets are all part of the outreach work. Additionally, the Partnership staff frequently gives talks at local and regional meetings and provides expertise to industry, trade associations and other groups. Other specific activities of the BSCSP outreach team include:

  • The establishment of the Big Sky Energy Future Coalition, an organization that brings together representatives from both the public and private sector to discuss the potential role of carbon sequestration technologies in meeting the region’s future energy requirements. The Coalition meets annually to voice views and concerns regarding the economic, environmental, and political viability of carbon capture and storage within the Big Sky region.
  • Participation in political forums and government committees at the local and regional level. The BSCSP provides policy makers with detailed information on the science, economics and regulatory issues related to carbon sequestration in the region.
  • Development of educational outreach programs to facilitate public knowledge of the BSCSP research and projects and carbon sequestration. Brochures, pamphlets, and other educational materials have been produced on the BSCSP program and on other relevant topics.
  • The outreach team prepares the Big Sky Annual Energy Report every other year to update and summarize region energy trends. The report includes updates on energy generation, energy consumption, CO2 generation, demographics and forecasted energy use within the Big Sky region. The report serves as a resource for regional and national policy discussions and planning.


Click here to download a copy of NETL's Best Practices for Public Outreach and Education for Carbon Storage Projects