BSCSP has compiled several short educational videos that address carbon capture and storage; Enhanced Oil Recovery; CO2 and climate change; and STEM in Schools: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Learn what other groups in the US, and around the world have to say about our energy future.

For more in-depth information, read what technical experts have to say through our presentations resource page.

Scroll through the videos below or click one of these links to go directly to the topic.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Basalt CO2 Injection Demonstration Project(Battelle, 2013) CO2 Injection into sandstone formations (WESTCARB, 2013)
Safe Storage: Closing the carbon loop...(ZEP, 2010) Intro to Carbon Sequestration (NETL, 2008)
Carbon Capture and Storage (Your Alberta, 2009) Carbon in Underland (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2011)
How does Carbon Capture and Storage work? (NewGenCoal, 2010) Carbon Capture Sequestration and Reuse... (Earth Institute, 2009)
Carbon Sequestration Animation (NETL, 2011) Geologic Carbon Sequestration (FutureGen, 2009)

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Carbon Capture Storage with Enhanced Oil Recovery (HEC, 2010) CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery & CO2 Storage (Denbury Resources, 2009)

CO2 and Climate Change

What is Carbon? (Ohio State University, 2009) Do You Know What CO2 is? (Science Alberta Foundation, 2011)
Global Warming 101 (National Geographic, 2007) Global Climate Change (Advancing Science, Serving Society, 2007)
The Truth About Climate Change (News World, 2006) Why Can't We...Simply by Replacing Coal (NewGenCoal, 2010)
Transportation Planning and Climate Change (UCIrvine, 2011)

STEM in Schools: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

What is STEM? (STEM4Girls, 2011)