Kevin Dome Carbon Storage Project

Through this study, BSCSP aims to demonstrate the large-scale potential for the Kevin Dome, a geologic structure located in Toole County, Montana, to safely and permanently store CO2.
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Basalt Small-Scale Injection Pilot Project

On July 17, 2013, scientists working with BSCSP and other partners began injecting 1,000 tons of CO2 into a deep basalt formation located near Wallula, Washington.
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Interactive Mapping Portal

Explore BSCSP's new interactive and user-friendly mapping application! The portal combines data layers from several sources to provide greater custom mapping functionality.
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Multimedia Resources

There are a wide variety of educational and outreach products available describing BSCSP activities and other CCS projects, including posters, presentations, videos, and other resources.
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Updates from the Field!

Read periodic updates from project field sites and other CCS-related news, events, and details.