Carbon Atlas

The Big Sky Carbon Atlas is an online geoportal designed for you to discover, interpret, and access geospatial data and maps relevant to carbon sequestration activities in the Big Sky Region. The Atlas provides a gateway to geographic information, characterizing CO2 sources, potential geologic sinks, terrestrial carbon fluxes, civil and energy infrastructure, and energy use throughout Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and South Dakota.

In addition to directly serving the BSCSP, the Atlas contributes regional data to NATCARB, a project that explores carbon sequestration by linking geological and emission databases from several regional centers into a single interactive mapping system. The project supports efforts to form a more comprehensive, national perspective on carbon capture and storage. To learn more about NATCARB and the National Energy Technology Lab's (NETL) efforts, click here.

What's Inside...

Map Gallery
With a wide range of topics from geology to agriculture, the Map Gallery provides a number of thematic map images for quick viewing or available for download.
Interactive Mapping Services
Use these browser-based applications to explore our dynamic data layers, customize map layouts according to your interests, and print your own maps.
GIS Resources
Here you will find links to some of our favorite GIS websites, descriptions of the data used in our web mapping applications, as well as links to metadata and data methodologies.
What is GIS? Find tips on how to utilize our interactive maps, and learn how GIS is applied to meet BSCSP project objectives.