BSCSP is proud to present, What’s Shaking on Kevin Dome, a short outreach film highlighting the recent seismic survey at Kevin Dome. This short film features interviews with the scientists and field crew involved with the seismic survey as well as a description of related geologic activities. Rich in visuals and useful information, the video is now available on YouTube.

The successful completion of the initial seismic survey was a significant accomplishment for BSCSP and a testament to the strong collaborative efforts of local landowners, agencies, subcontractors, and nearby communities. Seismic operations will continue in the fall of 2014 to survey additional acreage within the project area. Upon completion, the seismic survey of the Kevin Dome will be the largest shear wave seismic program ever conducted.

What’s Shaking on Kevin Dome is produced by BSCSP, and created by Kathy Kasic (Metamorph Films) – a producer and camerawomen with over 10 years of industry experience. Kathy is most known for her work on BBC, National Geographic, PBS, History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, CBS, and NPR. She is also faculty member at Montana State University.

We are excited to share What’s Shaking on Kevin Dome film with BSCSP audiences, and hope you enjoy learning more about our unique seismic work at Kevin Dome!

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