Kevin Dome Carbon Storage Project


The overall goal of the BSCSP’s Kevin Dome Project is to demonstrate that Kevin Dome is a safe and viable location for the long-term storage of carbon dioxide (CO2). The Kevin Dome Project involves the following:

  • This project plans to inject up to 1 million tonnes of CO2 into the regionally extensive Duperow carbonate formation. The project infrastructure includes drilling two characterization wells and additional wells for CO2 injection and monitoring. All wells will have a comprehensive logging program and core will be extracted from three of the wells.
  • Throughout the project, scientists will closely monitor the geology, geochemistry, water quality, air quality, and underground CO2 behavior.
  • The project team is utilizing a wide variety of surface and subsurface characterization techniques, such as 3D modeling, geophysical surveys, logging and core analysis, and other state-of-the-art imaging and modeling analyses.
  • The project is also engaging with community members, local landowners, and city officials regarding project updates, events, and related CCS news

In addition, BSCSP works with a diverse group of partners who have expertise in operational aspects including permitting, well drilling, pipeline construction, and petroleum engineering. The Kevin Dome project will provide valuable information regarding the use of similar geologic structures to safely and securely store regional CO2 emissions.

Site Characterization

The Kevin Dome project is situated in Toole County and was selected due to its unique geological setting and subsurface characteristics.

Modeling Activities

Modeling and simulating the Kevin Dome environment is essential to the long-term success of the project.

Site Operations

Site operations for the Kevin Dome Project are diverse and vary, from permitting compliance to post-injection closure activities.

Monitoring Activities

Monitoring, verification, and accounting (MVA) activities are ongoing and ensure the compliance of the project.

Permitting Efforts

Permitting for the project strategically integrates regulatory requirements throughout the planning and implementation process.

Public Outreach

Enhancing awareness and engaging with community members about the Kevin Dome Project is a crucial component of the BSCSP outreach efforts.