Research Projects


The research activities of the Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership are interdisciplinary in nature and take an iterative approach that builds on previous work. We work with partners with expertise in engineering, geology, chemistry, biology, policy, geographic information systems (GIS), economics, and other fields.

BSCSP works with our partners to research and develop novel approaches for both terrestrial and geologic carbon storage in the Big Sky region. Our team combines top level science, cutting-edge technology, and lessons learned to store CO2 safely and foster clean energy solutions. Our work is accomplished through paper studies, field-based research, computer modeling, data analysis, extensive baseline measurements, small-scale pilot projects and large-scale demonstration projects. In addition, BSCSP is dedicated to improving public understanding of carbon storage technologies and tracking state and federal regulatory policies related to CCS practices. BSCSP’s research program includes the following current and past projects:

Kevin Dome Carbon Storage Project

BSCSP is conducting a large-scale carbon storage project at Kevin Dome, a geologic structure located in Toole County, Montana.
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Basalt Small-Scale Injection Pilot Project

BSCSP is working with Battelle and others to conduct a 1,000 ton CO2 injection into deep basalt formations located near Wallula, Washington.
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Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Research

BSCSP researchers explored the capacity for unmineable coal beds to serve as large storage reservoirs for CO2 capture and storage while also offering potential for enhanced coal bed methane production.

Quantifying Carbon Pools in Forested Ecosystems

Forestry scientists with BSCSP used remote sensing technologies in order to better understand the role forested ecosystems plays in mitigating atmospheric CO2.

Terrestrial CCS in Croplands and Rangelands

The BSCSP terrestrial team conducted a series of field validation tests in cropland environments, in order to assess the capacity for soils to store atmospheric CO2.

Regional Characterization Study

To improve understanding of geologic and terrestrical CCS potential in the Big Sky region, BSCSP conducts in-depth characterization studies.