Community BBQ Blog

With the help and support of local landowners, contractors, and local community leaders, BSCSP has made significant progress at the Kevin Dome project site over the past few months. In recognition of ongoing support from our strong community partners, BSCSP hosted our first community appreciation BBQ in Sunburst on July 1st.

Overall, the BBQ was a big hit: the sun was out, the mosquitos were kept at bay, and the pulled pork – prepared (and catered) by Christiaens Meats from Valier – was in high demand. During the event, Rick Czech, BSCSP Field Manager, hosted a raffle with prizes/gift certificates to local businesses, and Lindsey Tollefson, BSCSP Project Manager, even rallied the group to take part in a water-balloon toss.
Once again, thanks to all who joined us at the BBQ – in total, there were over fifty attendees! For BSCSP, this was a great opportunity to provide an evening of fun at Spark Park. And most importantly, we enjoyed visiting old friends, meeting new faces, and celebrating our recent achievements at Kevin Dome.