Public Outreach


Enhancing awareness and engaging with community members about the Kevin Dome Project is a crucial component of the BSCSP outreach efforts. The project is primarily located on private lands; therefore, communication with nearby landowners and residents has been vital to the success of the project.


As part of an initial outreach effort, BSCSP hosted open house meetings in three communities near the project site in Toole County, Montana. BSCSP also met with local development groups and individual community members to discuss local perspectives on carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the Kevin Dome Project. Through these activities, BSCSP was able to establish a common dialogue with community members, build relationships in the project area, and engage with key local contacts. These early outreach activities were followed by the hiring of an onsite field manager who provides up-to-date information about the Kevin Dome Project and serves as the primary point of contact between project management and local residents. The field manager is also a landowner liaison for all project permitting and has an office in town for visitors.

Other outreach and education activities have included classroom presentations, onsite tours for K-12 students, periodic newsletters, and community appreciation events. In addition, BSCSP produced and released an outreach education video featuring the project’s seismic survey called, “What’s Shaking on Kevin Dome". This short film highlights the unique process of collecting underground geophysical data and includes interviews with scientists and personnel involved with the project’s seismic survey. For field updates, BSCSP maintains a blog to keep stakeholders aware of new activities and findings associated with the project.

Ongoing communications and local feedback will continue to be integrated into the project’s operational and post-injection phase. BSCSP welcomes input from Toole County community members on the project and is committed to keeping stakeholders apprised of the most recent news and events related to the Kevin Dome project.